About Our Company

Hi, We are Jon and Andretta Schellinger, the co-owners of Schellinger Research and we are here to help you with your archival, research, and business needs.

Jon has more than 15 years with high-level system and network administrations for both the United States government and private companies.


  • Network+ and Security+ certifications

Andretta has a varied background that allows her to help in many different facets of historical and business related needs.


  • Created sections Emergency Action Plan for preservation and protection of thousands of records during a natural or man-made disaster.

  • Created only known spreadsheet in existence of all Navy and Marine aircraft accidents during World War II.

  • Created database regarding dental records for Tarawa’s known burials.

  • Created database regarding unknown burials during World War II that has assisted in the identification of remains.

  • Applied for and managed a medium size grant that allowed a Housing Authority to go digital.

  • Managed a large digitalization project to digitalize death records from United States Hospitals located in Vietnam during the Vietnam conflict.

  • Assisted in the creation of four businesses from initial business plan to trademark and patent applications.

  • Independent researcher for genealogy and family histories.

  • Created Standard Operating Procedures and Manuals for multiple companies.

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DUNs Number: 968692843

NACIS codes: 541720, 541922, 561410, 712110, 712120