Hi, We are Jon and Andretta Schellinger, the co-owners of Schellinger Research and we are here to help you with your archival, research, and business needs.

Andretta graduated with a dual bachelors in History and Sociology from Pacific University. After that, she started her new adventure at Hawaii Pacific University for her Master’s in Diplomatic and Military studies. During her time there she applied for, and received an ORISE fellowship at JPAC (Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command). After two years as a fellow, she became a full time Archivist.

After leaving JPAC, she earned her Master’s degree and published her Master’s thesis as her first book “From Knights to Skulls.” Soon afterward, McFarland & Company approached her to republish with some modifications and her second book was born, “Aircraft Nose Art“. After moving to The Dalles, Oregon, she visited Maryhill’s Stonehenge memorial which became the focus of her third and most recent book, “The Men Beyond the Stones“.

This varied background has given Andretta the unique ability to assist clients in numerous ways. While her specialization is digitization, there are many things that her, and Schellinger Research can assist with. Below you will find a selection of previous projects Andretta has worked on.

  • Began process of digitizing archival records for Wasco County Library that was postponed due to the CoVID-19 pandemic.
  • Created Emergency Action Plan for preservation and protection of thousands of records during a natural or man-made disaster.
  • Created and Managed multiple digital projects.
  • Created comprehensive spreadsheet of all Navy and Marine aircraft accidents during World War II.
  • Created database regarding dental records for Tarawa’s known burials.
  • Created database regarding unknown burials during World War II that has assisted in the identification of remains.
  • Applied for and managed a medium size grant that allowed a Housing Authority to go digital.
  • Managed a large digitalization project to digitize death records from United States Hospitals located in Vietnam during the Vietnam conflict.
  • Assisted in the creation of four businesses from initial business plan to trademark and patent applications.
  • Independent researcher for genealogy and family histories.
  • Created Standard Operating Procedures and Manuals for multiple companies

Are you ready for Schellinger Research to help your business move to the next step?