Over the years Andretta has worked on various project, a selection of them is detailed below


Digitization of archival holdings for Wasco County Library. Documents will be shared with local historical societies and museums to increase visibility and accessibility of records for historians and researchers in the future. By digitization documents, they are also preserved for generations to come. 

Digitization of magazines for academic facility to increase visibility and accessibility for historians and researchers.

Research of Spanish American service-members from specific unit. 

Research of specific service-members who took part in specific battle.  


Genealogy of family back to 1853. 

Genealogy project of researching descendants of founding members of a medical facility founded in 1852. 

Creation of record retention and filing standard operating procedures for large corporation. Completed organization and refiling of company’s records. 

Numerous small consulting projects for various business owners in order to patent product, acquire external funding, and ensure visibility. 

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