We at Schellinger Research pride ourselves on our ability to assist our customers with a variety of projects.

Consulting Services

Archival Set-up
Business Creation
Business Plans
Computer Needs
Digital Archiving
Grant applications
Patent applications
Trademark applications


Research Services

Military History Post 1900
Archival Research
Genealogy Studies
Historical Reports
MIA/POW Research
Family Histories
Oral History

In addition, Schellinger Research has the ability and knowledge to assist you in additional tasks.

  • Archival research at National Records Facilities such as National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis.

  • Historical research on missing or killed in action soldiers from World War II to Vietnam.

  • Research into suppliers for materials and goods.

  • Assistance with Emergency Action Plans

  • Assistance with collection management and spreadsheet creation.

  • Data entry of small to large projects.

  • Document and image digitalization.

  • Grant proposal research, writing, and management.

  • Business plan creation and/or review.

  • Presentations on a variety of topics.

Prices depend on the scope of work.  Please inquire by sending an email to for a quote.