We at Schellinger Research pride ourselves on our ability to assist our customers with a variety of projects.

Consulting Services

Digital Archival Consulting

  • Family records
    • Photos
  • Business records
    • Invoices
    • Medical/Dental Records
    • Client records

Data entry of small to large projects.

  • Data entry using web search
    • Examples include:
    • High schools in the United States
    • US Cities with VPR requirements
  • Data Entry of items already available
    • Examples include:
    • Library holdings

Disaster Management

  • Assessment of existing disaster management plans
  • Conceptualize and design disaster management plans
  • Assist organization in plan creation and management

Digital Archiving Services

Book Digitization 

  • Personal books
  • Out of Print Books*

* Schellinger Research abides by all copyright laws. Please contact us if you have questions regarding book scanning before placing an order. 

Document Digitization

  • Medical/Dental files
  • Client Files
  • Business documents
  • Family documents

Image Digitization

  • Historical images
  • Historical Maps

Media Conversion

Video Conversion

  • Preserve old videos
  • Convert into digital formats
  • Save them forever

Photo Digitizing

  • Scan old negatives
  • Digitize printed photos
  • Store them digitally

Research Services

Historical Reports

  • Buildings
  • Events
  • Individuals
  • And More…

Genealogy Studies and Family Histories

  • Can perform Genealogy research
  • Living to deceased – searching for ancestors. Useful for family research
  • Deceased to living – searching for descendants. Useful for colleges, museums, businesses, and non-profits

Military History Post 1900
Archival Research

MIA/POW Research

  • Historical research on missing or killed in action soldiers from World War II to Vietnam.
  • Request and review of military files and X-files
  • Freedom of Information requests